Simply a wit

I asked God, if at all I had the ability to read a person’s mind, won’t it Simplify my life?

God replied with a grin, then you will end up being alone like me.


A dream vacation

I want to spend some time with you,

Away from the traffic noise, far away from the busy roads,

Where I can hear only you.


I want to take you to a place I know,

Far away from the people we know,

Where your whispers can be heard.


We can stand on the sea shore,

And hear the waves roar,

Where we can settle our disputes and take a stand on our own.


We can watch the sun disappear in the Horizon,

And marvel at how the orange and gold sunset blend,

Calming the voices one by one that was once barely heard.


I looked in the mirror and promised to spend some time with her,

To give her the chance to voice her views,

Only to see how great she grows.

Queen Vashti or Esther

For today’s one word prompt: Fortune

Long ago there was a lovely queen named Vashti,

Who lost her fame like the wild flowers that vanishes quickly,

She was wiped out of her peoples’ memory.

But what crime did she commit?

Only the King’s order did she resist.

Soon she was overthrown from her status,

And very soon the King started looking for another mate.

The kingdom wide hunt brought a modest queen in place,

From being an orphan girl to a Queen, truly Esther had some talent.

Is it Vashti’s misfortune or Esther’s fortune still in question?

Surely Esther did have something special that Vashti missed.

Finding favour in the eyes of men just won’t happen occult

Without the inner beauty how can one be lovely outside?

Putting others before her own life, how did she even attempt it?

Without God by her side, how could she dare to make a sacrifice?

How could it be just a fortune?