Help me find a way

Help me find a way; I am lost in dark woods

There’s no light in here; to see my path

Each step is getting hard; harder as I walk

There is no help coming my way as I eagerly look for a way

The path is getting dark; darker than I thought

I can barely walk; I can hardly see a path

But I won’t give up; I’ll take the very next step

I have no strength to speak; to speak up for myself

With tears rolling down my cheeks; and seeing the world through my tears

Enough of it; enough of living it

I know I won’t give up; I’ll take the very next step

With strength of my feet I go weary

I can’t take the next step without a ray of hope from heaven

A hope that help is on the way

That I would worry no more and rejoice in his everlasting love

For I will lack no good just as he told

For he promised this is not eternal, real or true

And I am walking this walk only to meet him on the way

To be found in his kingdom praising him all-day