Don’t immerse just float

Your plans have gone for a toss?

Or your life completely in loss?

Don’t Immerse in your emotions,

Just float. You’ll reach the shore one day.


How awesomely made!

Does a feeling of dejection engulf you now?

Want to change everything but don’t know how?

Trying to battle loneliness and all its hues,

Feeling worthless over your existence on earth?

I call you a special one, my friend.

Don’t wonder but ask me why,

I’ll give you a reason, you’ll know your worth.

You are a Craft of God, his beloved son and daughter,

Created with utmost care and attention.

When a King has created you,  It is for a greater purpose,

If you don’t discover it, it’s your fault.

Why worry when all your concerns are taken care of,

Why doubt when God loves you like no one will ever do.

After all,

When you don’t embrace yourself, who else will do?

The color of Light

For today’s one word prompt:Yellow

The betrayal and agony is buried in the dark,

The fears of the dark will fade away,

As the Sun bright and yellow rises in the sky,

It fills our heart with the hope of a new day,

A new day added to our life, to shine before men like the stars on the sky,

To spread the warmth and joy to one another along the way.

Uneven path

Today’s one word prompt: Uneven

The path looks uneven, 

Life seems unfair.

With too many ups and downs, 

My hope is in the drain.

When I can do nothing, I realize God has control,

For he chooses the powerless and use them in his own way.

When the path seems rough, always remember,

His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

Little confession

For today’s one word prompt:Tempted


No I should resist this one, I say to myself,

But every time I say this, I fall into it.

I fail to overcome, and make it win all the time,

I am not alone, there are many like me in its game.


I am tempted.

I was always tempted, but do not judge me,

We have all lost to it at least once in our life.

Your weaknesses are different from mine,

but we all fall prey to it.


No man has ever won this,

Not even the kings.

But we can endure it,

when we know the truth.

That we are not bound by it,

Christ redeemed us to give everlasting peace,

And he’s ready to forgive us our sins.

Here is a new year

For today’s one word prompt:Year

Here is a new year,

I am going to face it without any fear.

I have taken a resolution this year,

To spread positivity among my peer.

I have survived this far, wrapping up all my fear,

That’s how I got the courage, to face this new year.

I have decided to start it afresh, 

For new year brings new hope, new thoughts and a mind that’s all clear.

So cheers to all, welcome this new year with love, joy and laughter.

Queen Vashti or Esther

For today’s one word prompt: Fortune

Long ago there was a lovely queen named Vashti,

Who lost her fame like the wild flowers that vanishes quickly,

She was wiped out of her peoples’ memory.

But what crime did she commit?

Only the King’s order did she resist.

Soon she was overthrown from her status,

And very soon the King started looking for another mate.

The kingdom wide hunt brought a modest queen in place,

From being an orphan girl to a Queen, truly Esther had some talent.

Is it Vashti’s misfortune or Esther’s fortune still in question?

Surely Esther did have something special that Vashti missed.

Finding favour in the eyes of men just won’t happen occult

Without the inner beauty how can one be lovely outside?

Putting others before her own life, how did she even attempt it?

Without God by her side, how could she dare to make a sacrifice?

How could it be just a fortune?

The weather in my city is moody

For the one word prompt: Moody

It’s a winter morning in December

The alarm rings before I complete my dream if I remember

With one eye open I look through the window

Oh it’s still dark I wonder and my sleep begins to crescendo

I step out for work and I see how the fog disappears

By noon the sun shines like wild fire

Making one forget it’s winter

The climate here is really sulky

The clouds starts pouring out suddenly

Leaving no trace behind

It is winter one would think but sunbeams pierce through the clouds

The weather in my city is moody

Keeping it’s inhabitants always ready for its unpredictable nature

Fishing with a different purpose

Today’s one word prompt is Fishing and all I can think of is an incident from the Bible, where Jesus meets Peter and Andrew and calls them to be his disciples.

It was one hot sunny day

When Peter and Andrew were on their duty

Trying to catch fish for their living

It was just another day they must have thought

But to their surprise there was an unexpected visitor

Least did they know that encounter would change their life for good

That moment they left their nets behind

And followed Jesus who taught them how to fish men

Their course of life was changed at once, with a new mission to attain

My dear friends, that’s what happens when you invite Jesus in your life

Leaving the old self behind and starting your life afreash

I decided not to flee again


I had a problem that I had to face

Reluctant was I to give it a space

Much because I know I would lose

And that would create all the fuss

Then I decided to flee

I fled.

In a few days I faced another trouble

Much to my surprise it was like the previous unsolved puzzle

I wish I had solved it earlier

At least I would have the solution in hand

Then I decided to flee again

Oh wait, what if I face the same issue again?

I thought I must resolve it this time

Then I decided to stay back, this one time

Only to see myself grow ahead

From then on there was no turning back

Because fleeing would do me no good

It would do no good to anyone.