The blog name Jasperines taken from one of my unused names Jasperine which is a feminine name derived from the word Jasper- a precious stone that is often seen in the bible. And yes, I have more than one name(actually 4 names). As a kid I was teased many a times for my long name(even by my teachers). Well, that’s not something I am here to discuss about, let me get to the point. I am here to write about the things that fascinates me, things that I love and adore about the God I worship who has set me free from the sins of the world and promised me eternal life, comforts me like a father and showers me with his unconditional love. Not worthy of his sacrifice, if not for his grace.

I am not alone here. I have my soul friend and sis Suneera to proofread my articles and share her own faith in God.

I think it’s a good way to start by thanking everyone in my life right from my Mom and Dad to my Sunday school teachers( Silverster, Esther Akka etc) and Grace ma’am for helping me draw closer to Jesus Christ because I might use some of the lessons they taught me 😛


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