Simply a wit

I asked God, if at all I had the ability to read a person’s mind, won’t it Simplify my life?

God replied with a grin, then you will end up being alone like me.


Creatures of the creator


Look around and see the beauty in nature,

The sun rises and sets but can never fall out of sky,

The gigantic mountains have set their boundaries up till the skies,

And the oceans so vast can swallow you without a hint,

Not just the sky, mountain and ocean so deep,

But also the living creatures, how beautifully are they made!


From creating noble lions, humble insects and hardworking ants,

Poisonous snakes, friendly dogs and poultry to eat,

Fishes in deep waters and birds that fly,

Elegant deers, giraffes, zebras and elephants,

With patches and stripes and fur and trunk, how meticulously are they done.


You may be fat or thin or short or tall,

You too are the creator’s doll,

Love yourself, you are perfectly made,

Love others too for they are a Creature like you,

When you see God’s creation around,

It’s a dash of his aesthetic hand on them,

When you see the beauty in nature,

Close your eyes and thank God for them.