Inscrutable life

Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry,

Sometimes we have just nothing to say,

Sometimes we are thankful, sometimes we are not,

Sometimes we run away and sometimes we stay,

Sometimes we are lost, sometimes we find a way,

Sometimes we run in vain, sometimes we are just fine,

Sometimes we groan in pain of being left behind,

We never settle in a valley or a peak too high,

But we can get better as the days pass by,

This Inscrutable life has taught to welcome the unexpected,

To be more resilient and to be less reluctant,

To be more grateful and less regretful.


Candid thoughts!

I look through my lenses,

To capture your moments,

And yes, you are unaware of being my subject,

You might sneeze, doze or rub your nose,

I capture it all without a fuss,

I don’t know how Candid you are,

But when I see your pictures I see how funny you are.

A dream vacation

I want to spend some time with you,

Away from the traffic noise, far away from the busy roads,

Where I can hear only you.


I want to take you to a place I know,

Far away from the people we know,

Where your whispers can be heard.


We can stand on the sea shore,

And hear the waves roar,

Where we can settle our disputes and take a stand on our own.


We can watch the sun disappear in the Horizon,

And marvel at how the orange and gold sunset blend,

Calming the voices one by one that was once barely heard.


I looked in the mirror and promised to spend some time with her,

To give her the chance to voice her views,

Only to see how great she grows.

Losing Dad

It was a usual Sunday afternoon after church,

Who thought it would be the last time I’d see you alive,

You knew something was wrong with you,

All I knew was you were gasping to live,

Never knew that’d be the last time you’d breath,

You left us in Shock, you left us in misery,

You left us behind to a more peaceful world,

While we are still trying to live our lives without you.