Learning never ends

When I finished my graduation I thought to myself, no more learning- I said good bye to my studies and started focusing on my career. I thought I never have to learn anything more. I don’t have to spew out all that I learnt, in the exams. Shortly after I got my first job did I realise that Learning never ends“.  In fact I had to do a lot of homework than I did back in my school. First year after the job, I learnt that I had learnt a lot of things than I did a year ago. I spent a lot of time enhancing my skills, learning new technologies and keeping myself updated, unintended. After the second year, I was even better than the previous year. Eventually I realised, learning is not just about succeed in academic work  or career, it’s also about the experience one attains through the lessons life teaches.

Learning is not always something that’s sought after or paid for, sometimes it only takes a failure or serendipitous discoveries that urges us to learn something new. When we were still babies, we learnt to smile, to laugh, to walk, to talk; what if we had not responded back then? we would still be struggling to talk, walk, laugh or smile by now..might be. When we start hesitating to learn something new, we stand in the same place watching others overtake us, plausibly the younger ones leaving us old and outdated, we would still be figuring out how to make fire when there is flint already in use. Never limit yourself when it comes to learning something new. When you get an opportunity to learn, better learn it. That’s how you accuire the knowledge and move on to the next lesson or use it for the next test that life throws at you.

Life is the best teacher. You need not follow a scholor or an idol of your choice to become wise or to become more like them. Life being the greatest teacher ever, would teach you, according to your ability and capability. It’s up to you to learn. But, I am sure it’ll not stop giving you the same lessons over and over again until you choose to learn them and move on. Not just the life but people whom you meet in your life teach you most valuable lessons. Be it a 2 year old kid or a 60 year old man, a close friend or a stranger. Everyone and everything in our life try to enlighten us, hence we should learn; That’s the basic law of nature. To learn.

 Do you care to learn something new today? No matter how old you are, Did you do your part, to put an effort to learn something today? Did you start understanding what’s happening around you and the impact of that in your own life? Great— then you have started to grow as an individual.


University of Angels

This is a wonderful viewpoint on life, very well written. I really enjoyed reading this and thought of sharing on my blog. Here you go!!

Alex Moses 101

One day Angel came to God:

Angel: Father, I have a problem.

God: What is it, my Angel?

Angel: Forgive me, Creator, I have a hard time performing my duties, as it is getting more and more difficult for me to understand people … At times it seems to me that pretty soon they will start to irritate me! I am not sure what to do, as I am supposed to manifest angel’s patience!

God: What irritates you in people?

Angel: They are constantly dissatisfied with what they have, but frequently do not know what they want. They constantly complain about something. They war with each other and destroy the surrounding nature. They hate those that are not like them. They depend on the opinion of others and they do not trust wise men anymore. They rely on gossipers and demagogues lately. They pray in church, just in order to sin again. That dispirits me!

God: Yes, my…

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