Dear Daddy


Who’s gonna wake me up with a cup of tea every morning?

You now lie down deep into the soil keeping us mourning.

You would wake me up calling ‘paapa’ ‘paapa’ on top of your voice so that I get up from bed,
Now your lips are tightly sealed forever and your voice unheard.
The eyes that eagerly searches me in the crowd is never going to see me again.
The legs that run up and down the stairs a ten times a day is now resting forever.
You always preferred to take your bike than take a walk,
Now your bike is standing still in the place you parked.
The heights of your energy is when you chase my office bus,
Now a 4 minutes walk to catch my bus is gonna be long, lonely and fuss.
When I cry I see you going crazy but now I am weeping for you knowing that these tears will not be wiped by you.
Why did you love me so much?
Why did you show me so much of affection? To leave me alone forever?

You were always a proud Daddy, when I flunked in school or when you visited my office, you were always a proud Daddy.

The emptiness that you left behind is so horrifying,
Your absence in our family prayer is very much annoying.
I remember when you show me the farewell speeches that you wrote for others,
You did not wait till the retirement of yours.

Dad, I am having sleepless nights and lifeless days knowing that you can never come back,
Still this sentimental heart thinks and dreams if you can ever come back.
When I flood your cheeks with kisses I get my share in turn,
You are now in a farthest place from where you can never return.
Even today, I can feel your bushy moustache brushing my cheeks as you kiss me,
There can be no one like you on earth, trust me.
It’s definitely our misfortune having lost you,
Honestly in our lives, no can replace you,
For the rest of our lives, we cherish the wonderful moments we had with you.
You are the most amazing human being, Son, Husband, Dad and a friend,
In your presence I had nothing to mind.
I kissed your cold stubble cheeks for one last time as you lay firmly on the casket,
Now I understand, no one can ever give me your warmth.
Dad, you said contempt and happiness are in our hands,
And that’s why you never gave up on me and always to my defence.
Oh! How much did we talk Daddy
How much did we laugh
We had too many secrets and too many things to fight
Now they are all part of my memories
We all remember your smile, energy, patience and above all your love for us forever in our hearts

Untill we meet again.